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Why Planners are the Secret Ingredient

When it comes to organization and productivity, everyone is in need of help every once in a while, but for me, procrastination should be my middle name. One of the things that keep my mind
in check (since I tend to forget some mental notes), is writing down everything I can think of.

I’m a very visual person and if I write down most likely it will get done! Having my goals, schedule, to-do list and other important reminders visible and accessible makes me more accountable when managing my time and getting stuff done, as well as better planning for the future.

I have always count on some sort of planner, calendar, worksheets or journals, to give my life a sense of control over all the chaos that often times Life throws at us. It was always a challenge to find something that would fit everything I needed in one place, so I’ve always ended up making my own stuff and that’s how Microsoft Word became one of my best friends.

One of my favorite things using this method is when crossing off my to-do list…it lets me experience the power of the small wins (boom! take that procrastination). For others, it could be extremely helpful with anxiety or depression because you can visually see things getting done rather than having a million thoughts running through your mind at once. 


What planners do for me?

  • It lets me see what’s going on in my household (family events).
  • Helps me set and track goals.
  • Not forgetting important tasks and helps me take care of those smaller tasks that can get often forgotten.
  • Let me see how my time is distributed so I can use the available time to invest in something productive or introduce new things to try.
  • A personalized planner fits with my specific needs and lifestyle and I can customize it however I like. 
  • Keeps my mind organize and it calms my anxiety.
  • Helps me keep track of my budget, expenses, and bills due dates, etc.
  • Organize my work tasks and business priorities.
  • It helps me remember a specific time frame if needed (like a journal). 


How to start?

  • Ask yourself what you need your planner do for you. List things you expect to achieve with this method.
  • You can use it for everything or just the areas that you need more help with. You can write
    down the categories you need to keep track (schedule, finances, goals, fitness, business, etc.), to have an idea of how much space you will need in your planner.
  • Decide if you prefer a digital version or paper version.
  • Grab a piece of paper and fold it in different sizes to get a feeling of what will work for you; depending on when and where you’re going to be using it, or where you’re placing it if carrying it around.
  • Start simple and build up as you go. There are tons of accessories and stickers to decorate your
    planner, helping you express your creativity and giving it your personal touch, but first, you need to make sure this system works for you.
  • Creating a planner shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed. In the end, the ultimate planner
    is what’s going to work for YOU.


Planners are the Secret Ingredient   Planners are the Secret Ingredient to a productive Lifestyle!


I personally prefer a paper version of a journal instead of the digital one because I can get easily distracted with other apps and get sucked into the social media sinkhole, which is not what I want when trying to be pro-active. This system might not be for everyone, and that’s ok.

Some of the most popular paper systems for planners are ring bound, disc bound, and travelers notebook, because of the options on customization you can achieve for each one. Each system has their pros and cons so you should choose what feels more comfortable and natural.

You can also have the option to use multiple planners for different purposes. Finding the set up that reflects your style will make this process so much enjoyable and easier to incorporate it into your routine.

You maybe have a system established that works for your lifestyle and family, but if you want to incorporate planning in new areas; or if you’re looking for a way to start organizing your busy life so you can take control of your priceless time, this will be a great place to start.

This is going to be a Series of posts on which I’ll share with you FREE printables, worksheets, hacks, my process on setting up my new planner system, and much more; to help you kick off your journey through organizationville.

Take control of this new year by adding this secret ingredient, get yourself some paper and let
the fun begin!

Create your
ultimate planner

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15 Responses

  1. Great piece of advice! I should try this too. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


  2. I’m with you. I love everything planner related like washi tape, pens, highlighters, stickers. I’m going to use your tips since I may be looking for a new planner soon.

    1. Decorating is so much fun! I like to put washi tape everywhere haha. I’ll be more than welcome to help. If you have an insert idea that you’ll like to see in the future feel free to let me know!

  3. That’s great piece of advice. I never used planners before and I couldn’t stay consistent with my blog. On beginning of the year I bought a small planner and written down all the tasks for a month. It helps so much.
    And I also prefer paper version 😊

    1. I feel that for a blog this is a must, specially when planning future posts. I created a Blog post creation template that I will be sharing as freebie for your planner.

  4. This is just on point. It was challenging at first I noticed the difference between what has been written down on a paper than when I just saved it on my phone’s calendar or Outlook. I am getting more results. Your article is helpful. =)

  5. I love having a physical planner and just discovered the happy planner 😀 it’s made life happier! I live that you also went through how to get started on a system that works for you – so important! Great post!

    1. I love the Happy Planner but it can get pricey to add everything that I need for my lifestyle. That’s why I’ll be creating my own Happy Planner at a fraction of the cost and share the process and some freebies on future posts.

  6. I’m glad it’s not just me that loves to actually write things down! I get so much more from a handwritten planner than I do from my calendar on my phone, etc. great tips!

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