Affordable Valentine's Day in family.

5 Simple Ways to Make Valentine’s Day a Success

Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day was all about going out on a romantic date night with your significant other and exchange gifts, or going for a relaxing couple’s spa session; but once you have kids, it’s a whole new ball game, and that’s okay.

After all, this day is about celebrating love, and there’s no better way to do that than by spending quality time with your family. Sharing fun and captivating experiences with your little ones will strengthen the bond, making them feel included in this special day.

The beauty of this is that you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day celebration with little to no money. How is that you ask? Well, fear no more and take a look below for some love inspired ideas that your family can do together, regardless of the weather in your area this time of year.


1. Family Bake Time:

Love starts in the kitchen with these delicious treats that will make everyone feel delighted. You can never go wrong with these bite-size pieces of heaven. Let your kids involved by helping you mix the ingredients and pouring to the molds.

Check out this link for some recipe ideas, or you can always run to the store and grab a box of your family favorite flavor.

After the baking is done is time to frost and decorate, which is the exiting part (specially for the little ones). Gathered some tasty toppings like marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, crushed chocolate bars, gummy bears, fruit, you name it… and let your kids go wild!

Want to take your cupcakes to next level? Print out these blank cupcake wrapper templates and let your little artists draw on them. Also, you can create your own wrappers using family pictures or designs with this tutorial. I you just want a free, already designed wrapper, then you can print out this cute templates.


2. Heart Shaped Pizza Dinner:

Everyone has a version of what their perfect pizza must have and for some even pineapples are included (which I’m guilty about it). This is one of those crowd pleaser you can count on, even when you have picky eaters on the house.

You can make the dough from scratch using these amazing recipes, but if convenience is what you want you can get some pre-made crust, or even some Naan bread and cut it into a heart shape.

Place the topping ingredients in separate containers (buffet style), and let everyone create their own perfect pizza.


3. Crafty Valentine’s Mail:

Great activity to embrace your family’s creative side. Grab some paper, scissors, crayons, glitter, markers, glue and anything else you can find laying around that can be useful for the task. Everyone has to make a card for each other family member and write what you love most about that person on it.

Babies can join the fun with these DIY edible finger paint recipes.

Decorate a shoe box, or any kind of box you have around the house, and use it as a mailbox for your kids to drop their DIY Valentine’s Day cards. After dinner, your family can gather around and read their Love Mail.

You can check out more Valentine’s Day crafts HERE for other ideas you might want to include.


4. Family Game night:

Everyone enjoys some friendly competition and for that reason a good ole Scavenger hunt never disappoints. You can give it a little twist and create different quests for each person, according to their age. These are some ideas of Scavenger Hunts for kids and grown-ups as well.

More games you can try is a Valentine’s Day bingo. You can print one from HERE (via, or create your own.

You can find a Valentine’s bingo game, like the one in the photo above, in the dollar section at Target ( just add it to your lists of excuses to spend hours at that store).


5. Cinema night:

In our house, we loooove movies. This is a great option when you have older kids in the house, and will make you score some cool mom points as well. Make some popcorn or some favorite snacks, dim the lights and get cozy for a family movie night.

With thousands of options to choose from, why pick just one? Ask your kids for suggestions or check out this list (via, for loved inspired movies to try.


Make this year Valentine’s Day different, and remember that the best gifts in life are memories…


Please share this post, and let me know on the comments below other fun ways your family spend Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Great ideas, Suhey. You should make “Make this year Valentine’s Day different, and remember that the best gifts in life are memories…” tweetable. Also, I linked out to you in my Valentine’s Day Quotes blog post.

  2. I love this post for Valentines Day. The heart pizza is a fabulous idea. I would love to make those cupcakes. The red hearts on top of the cupcake make it look so apetizing.

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